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Rock climbing in Basque Country

In the Basque Country there is a long tradition in all mountainering sports, and rock-climbing is one of the most attractive of them. If you are crazy for the crags, we can inform you in Camping Itxaspe about the basque rock-climbing areas. You can climb in small but very nice climbing areas close to the campsite: "Joxemite" in Zumaia (12kms away, sandstone) or "Kantera" in Azpeitia (12kms away, limestone). A little bit longer, about half an hour drive, you can go for climbing to 2 huge areas: Santa Barbara (100 routes, limestone) and Araotz (290 routes) with routes from IV to 9a... If you like something more than bolted routes...the options are Atxarte in Durango with a lot of multi-pitch routes for trad-climbing, or Mount Txindoki with a very easy but enjoyable multi pitch arista or edge and about 20 multi-pitch routes.


Rock type: Sandstone

Quantity of routes: 12

Difficulty: Low-medium

Where: Zumaia, 12kms from Camping Itxaspe


Rock type: Grey-brown limestone

Quantity of routes: 48

Difficulty: All, till 8a+

Where: Azpeitia, 12kms from Camping Itxaspe


Santa Barbara
Rock type: Grey limestone

Quantity of routes: 100

Difficulty: All, till 8c

Where: Hernani, 30kms from Camping Itxaspe


Rock type: Grey limestone

Quantity of routes: 345

Difficulty: All, till 8c+

Where: Abadiño, 40kms from Camping Itxaspe


Rock type: Grey limestone

Quantity of routes: 295

Difficulty: All, till 9a

Where: Oñati, 50kms from Camping Itxaspe


Mount Txindoki
Rock type: Grey limestone

Quantity of routes: 22 (all of them multi-pitch)

Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Where: Larraitz-Abaltzisketa, 48kms from Camping Itxaspe


Ctra. Nacional 634 km 38. A-8 Salida n13

20829 ITZIAR-DEBA - GUIPÚZCOA - País Vasco Spain

Teléfono. +34 943199377



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