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Basq Coast Geo Park

Basq Coast Geo Park

The Basque Coast Geo Park preserves an important geological, landscape and cultural heritage, offering visitors the opportunity to embark on a fascinating journey through geological time and regional history.

What is a Geopark?

Geoparks are areas that are committed to a strategy for sustainable development based on their natural and cultural values. The Basque Coast Geopark, the first in the Basque Country and in the whole of Cantabria, was created to implement these ideas in the towns of Zumaia, Deba and Mutriku.


We, at the Basque Coast Geopark, are working to support and promote the natural environment, in particular our geological environment, but we are also working to promote the culture of our region. We want to preserve all this heritage as a legacy for future generation.


Similarly, the Geopark aims to be recognised for its participatory nature, so your ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

About the Geopark

The Earth, like the trunk of an old tree, preserves records of past events. Deciphering your way through the Earth's history reading the landscapes, rocks and fossils is a fascinating adventure.


The Basque Coast Geopark, a treasure trove of different chapters in the history of the planet and human beings, and other natural and cultural features, takes us on an incredible journey of discovery, a fascinating journey through geological time and our history.


New worlds are waiting to be discovered in the Basque Coast Geopark, starting with the Flysch and the Karst, followed by its culture and traditions. This is your invitation to join us on this evocative journey. Find out for yourself!


Ctra. Nacional 634 km 38. A-8 Salida n13

20829 ITZIAR-DEBA - GUIPÚZCOA - País Vasco Spain

Teléfono. +34 943199377



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